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Second Nature
Summer 2021,
Interactive Installation

The artwork questions humanity's relationship to nature. I intentionally forced the opposite entities; nature and humans or First Nature and Second Nature to collide and interact with each other. Nature or First Nature is represented through the plants and objects like wood or stones that I have collected from strolling in the forest and countryside. On the other hand, the indoor setting and viewers represent the human world and Second Nature. The digital media will emphasize the blur and interaction of both entities. The use of augmented reality and virtual space question the role of technology as an extension of nature instead of being two separate entities. This interconnection represents my definition of nature and my experiences.

The Second Nature installation is divided into five different sections, the window (at the wall), the undertable ecosystem (table in the middle), the wasp spider video game (computer on the middle table), storytelling through augmented reality (left computer), and Merging with nature - the story of my research (right computer).